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Jeremiah B.

Thank you Robert and everyone at HOI for giving us a great car buying experience!

My wife and I were looking for a Honda Odyssey for our growing family. After spending countless hours searching dealerships and private party sellers for the right one we finally came across HOI. The price is what I originally caught our attention. So after making another low expectation phone call, Robert (our salesman) quickly gained my confidence. He met and exceeded my expectations. I asked for a walk around video of the vehicle and he sent lots of videos. To be honest, I don’t trust anyone easily, especially if me and my family are considering driving close to 500 miles to discover they weren’t telling the truth. Not only did he tell the truth but the vehicle was like brand new! It’s now nearing 1 month from when we purchased. We’ve received the title and put over 1,000 miles on it so far with no issues!”

My wife:
“Haus of Imports was a family friendly dealership that welcomed us and our wild children in with open arms (and snacks). The owners were genuine and you could feel that they really care about their customers. The experience was definitely worth our 6 hour drive from Iowa. Would recommend Haus of Imports over and over again!”

Eric N.

Great people with awesome inventory. Drove 3 hours with a check in hand since I felt they were very up front and advertised the car well. Will definitely do business again. Being in car sales and finance I have seen great and terrible dealers. This is one of the great ones!

Jeff S.

From the refreshing face of the receptionist Lilly to the integrity, honesty and low-pressure sales approach from Gezim, the entire experience was super positive!

My BMW 550i has been running perfectly for the last 4months with ZERO problems. I took it to BMW dealer day after I bought it and after doing their inspection, they were able to BMW certify it with just an oil change and a rubber bushing replacement.

I would HIGHLY recommend Hause of Imports for your high-end car purchase.

Johnathan H.

*3 month update*

*3 months later and my vehicle has been seen by two mechanics for regularly scheduled maintenance. Both of them were very pleased with the vehicle and the mechanical health of the vehicle. No major or minor issues at all and I am one happy camper*

!!original review below!!

Bought a sight unseen vehicle from Salesman Alex C. I was an out of state buyer and both alex, management, and ownership made the process a dream. Wouldn’t hesitate to send a friend here.

David Bee

Bought my bmw 335i xdrive with the m package there 2 years ago. The only repair I've ever done on it was tires. Very happy with my purchase. Sending my kids to check out some cars there soon.

I only wish prices were more negotiable, but I'll remember that for next time.


Fantastic dealership and people.

Very reasonable pricing on luxury vehicles.

Had the pleasure of wiring with Alex and Roni.

Alex is very professional, kind and knowledgeable. Absolutely no pressure, and makes you feel very comfortable in a stress free environment. I have bought from MANY dealers in the past, and will ABSOLUTELY go to them first in the future.

I have 35 years in sales and management. I assure you, they are SALES PROFESSIONALS!

I know I drive a hard bargain and we had an agreement in 10 minutes, where I have spent hours at other dealers.

Many kudos to Haus and team!



Found this Mini Cooper online got in touch with them and Alex gave me a good deal on it, buying it was contactless, everything done over the phone, mailed out the check and paid for shipping and car was delivered the next day, from Illinois to Mississippi, best car buying experience I've ever had..


Bought my daughters dream car at HOI. Owners and staff are very friendly and helpful. They helped me and made the process very easy. Definitely recommend checking them out if your looking for your next dream car. Thank you to HOI for everything you guys did for us. We appreciated and defiantly we will be back.


theres so many good things i can say about haus of imports. first it was the easiest car purchase ever. so easy that i thought it was a scam. but i assure you it was not a scam. literally you click inquiry button, hour later he calls you an boom you bought car. but Robert who was my sales guy, he was very nice an knew his information very freindly guy. ive called many times n txed many times with bunch of questions, prolly annoyed him but see he was more and willing too help an answer questions. if theres an issue he fixes rightaway. quality customer service. and the cars that are sold here are honestly like mint condition an moderate milage so u dont have too worry about getting a junker. buying the car was easy jus put a deposit then you can buy at your speed. send a check or wire if your outa state. they wanna make sure you get the car you want an buying how you want. for shipping if i buy the car on mon-wed. it would be delivered next day. i recomend highly too everybody. the best

Munoz C.

Let me write this review and ask you guys if you ever bought a vehicle, at such an amazing price and actually get business from that business?? Yes, I made money from my Cadillac purchase. I bought a 2015 Cadillac Escalade from Haus of Imports. As soon as the owner heard that I did construction work, he called me to his office. Next thing you know, I made a deal with him to renovate a structure at one of their properties. made a deal in my brand new Cadillac to remodel the property 360 degrees. I trusted him with this used vehicle prior to purchase, and I trusted him AGAIN while working (10 guys) during the summer heat at the property for a whole month. He is a man of his word and even gave us a little extra. Great people to do business with. They work with their hearts. 

Love my truck man!

Roman Andrejko

Bought a 2012 BMW X3 just last month and wanted to provide an honest feedback. Very positively surprised, I've wired in fourteen grand without ever setting foot to the dealer and seeing the car in person, but I got a really awesome deal, the guys are on the ball, trustworthy, and do what they say that'd do which is rare these days. The care in earlier than expected and in a form and shape as described. Paperwork was called in and fedexed in and I'm ready to roll. Rare to see this kind of service these days and I wanted to give you guys a big thanks, will be back for another car in the future!!! Thank you for your honesty and timeliness!!! Roman Andrejko - Charlotte, NC!

Lou Santos

My story begins badly but ends well. Got on the phone with Roni and told him that I was planning on purchasing this vehicle from home. Roni assured me that he was not in business to sell bad cars. This was a family business that prides itself on a customer first attitude. He earned my trust and I purchased an Audi A4 from my home with no test drive and basically just Roni's assurance that "he had my back".

My car arrived late Friday night and upon getting the car in my driveway i started it up to do a walk around for the first time but the dashboard caught my eye. It had a brake warning light lit up. I was not happy.
I called and texted Roni immediately and he responded quickly even though it was almost 9p and he was not in the office. He calmed me down and said he would call me as soon as he was back in the office during the week. On Saturday I took the car for a short drive to see if I could see what the brake problem might be only to get a check engine warning light. You can imagine where my brain was taking me. As my story is long I will cut to the ending.

After a few conversations and back and forth texting with Roni, he did indeed "have my back". Roni quickly paid to repair that issue. Roni also sent me a rather big check to take care of the original brake issue. The car is now driving beautifully and I have full confidence this is a really good car.

Roni and Haus of Imports has earned my trust and I will purchase another vehicle in the next few years from Roni and Haus of imports. I can't say that about too many in the used car industry.

Thanks for being a good guy in a tough business. Will do business again with you.

Roman Piziuk

Was selling my bike via Craigslist. The Owner of Haus of Imports Roni called me that he wants to buy it. He asks me if I am able to come with the bike to the dealership and he will get it for sure. I came over, he pays me what I ask with cash and ordered me Uber back home free. Easy hustle free deal. Nice people to do business with. Thanks guys!

Clayton W.

Bekim and Roni made my purchase from 300 miles away seamless! My car arrived just as described (and fast!) They were very professional and went above and beyond to make my sight unseen purchase as good as it could be. I was pretty nervous about it at first, but having read all of the reviews gave me confidence, and I encourage anyone looking for a car here to fear not and trust they will take great care of you. They truly care that you walk away happy. Thanks for helping me drive a car that I’ve always wanted. I would recommend this team to anyone!

Meredith Keen

After totaling my one of a kind Saleen Mustang, I had to find a vehicle to replace it, which was difficult for me as my Mustang was my 3rd child. I came upon a 2011 Cadillac CTS coupe at Haus of Imports. I called and made an appointment with Adrian to come out and see the car, beautiful vehicle that is in immaculate condition, very clean and well maintained. Reviewed any concerns I had with the mechanic and he assured me the car was in excellent condition. Purchased the vehicle that same day and the process was quick and painless. They are not the pushy salesman that you come across at all the other dealerships. They see you as a person and not a commission. I did have an issue with a flat tire the day after my purchase and reached out to Adrian at Haus of Imports, they offered to help me with the expense of the tire which I gladly accepted, knowing this wasn't their typical policy. I am grateful to Adrian and his manager for helping me out with this hiccup. I will definitely return and refer anyone looking for a quality used vehicle, that is in great condition from a company that excels at customer service even when they didn't have to. Thank you so much Haus of Imports, we will see you again when I'm ready for the next purchase.

Charmaine Kennedy

I purchased a BMW car unseen from Haus of Imports. The car was in excellent shape for its age and priced fairly. While I was nervous about buying a car from another State (I am from California) and without first-hand knowledge of its condition, I continued with the purchase because the agent who helped me, Gezim, was responsive, fair, and provided any and all information I requested - including a video of the interior and exterior, along with a scan of the OBDII port before it left his dealership.

I had issues with shipping ONLY because I made the decision to arrange for shipping myself. What resulted was burning 7 days and multiple phone calls to entities that could not perform. Once I shared my problem with Gezim, he made a few phone calls, and my car was shipped from IL to CA within 48 hours. Lesson learned I should have listened to Gezim and had his dealership arrange for shipping directly. Also, the shipping fee did not change based on their help. The dealership did not tack on an additional fee to cover their time. Their shipping quote was identical to the amount I was quoted directly from the drivers.

Because it's Covid, and everyone is moving slower than usual, the title to the vehicle was delayed a bit. I reached out to the owner, Roni, who IMMEDIATELY took control of the situation, stopped whatever he was doing, called me directly to tell me he was resolving it, sent someone to pick up the title in person and within 3 days, the paperwork was at my door, via FedEx overnight mail.

I couldn't have asked for a better car buying experience. Whatever slight hiccups there were, the dealership took full responsibility for. And they understand the value of treating clients with respect and honesty.

So if you're on the fence about buying from these folks, you can contact me directly so I can share with you my experience. The car was as described, the pricing was fair, they helped me with shipping, and took responsibility for the delayed title work. No regrets here. Only gratitude.

Charmaine M. Kennedy, J.D.

Joel A.

"Roni, Mary, Bob and Beckham were all very friendly and had the Audi we were looking at detailed, and ready to go when we drove up to test drive it....we loved it and bought it on the spot!!!! A++++++ Buy with confidence!"

J. A. Smith

"Purchased a Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG with the rear entertainment. We finalized the paperwork fairly quickly. The best part about it, I got the vehicle shipped to me (Inclosed trailer) under the one-week cross country in excellent condition!  Thank you for the service but more importantly, thank you for protecting my $70,000 investment." 

Ryan H.

If you are looking to buy a car, or just to look at something new in the Burr Ridge or Lemont area, this is the first place you should check out! I went to a lot of different dealerships that were in my price range, from Joliet all the way to Tinley Park. None of them really had what I wanted, for the price I was willing to pay. Haus of Imports was not only extremely affordable, they actually treat you like family.
My wife and I looked at some of the cars they had in stock. They had everything from Volvo to Mercedes-Benz to even a few BMWs, but we knew we were going to probably buy the BMW X3 that they had just got in a day ago. We loved that SUV as soon as we sat in it to look it over. When we took it for a test drive, we knew that was the car we were going to buy. We had the pleasure of doing business with Roni, who made the boring paperwork part actually enjoyable. I think the best part is you can buy with confidence, as they offer a 15 day, 500 mile warranty with their vehicles. That is something you won't get if you try to save a few dollars buying from a private party. I have now owned my SUV for over 2 months and I can say buying a car from Haus of Imports was one of the best choices I have ever made.

Joel O.

This is not your average dealership. This is a family owned operation. Who takes you into consideration when purchasing your vehicle. Its not just about selling you a vehicle its about forming a relationship with you. Roni goes above and beyond. I bought over 30 cars in my life and Roni is very different. He is awesome and his family is great 👍 I look forward on purchasing all my vehicles from them from now on. One of the best experiences ive ever had. Thank you HOI

Alexandar I.

They are very professional, friendly and kind. I bought MERCEDES GL 450 last month and I’m very satisfied with my car. Thank you Roni for giving us a great deal on this amazing MERCEDES GL 450 !!! 👍


Great service! The salesmen working for HOI are extremely helpful and made my decision in buying my Harley very easy. They gave me the full layout of the motorcycle and were super informative. They made my experience with the shop very comfortable and will definitely be using their expertise again in buying another motor vehicle. Will be recommending HOI to all my friends and family. Keep killing it!

John W.

Top notch! 100% recommend Haus of Imports...Roni is the best! We made a trade site unseen from another state. It was a surprise for my wife. Roni had the car to me within 2 days of our first conversation in time for my wife's birthday. Roni was on top of everything to meet my deadline and we closed the deal and shipped the car in record time. The car was exactly as described and its rare to find such great people to work with these days! I can't wait to surprise her when she gets home from work tonight. Thanks again Roni and Haus of Imports!

Wei Q.

I drove from Michigan to purchase a 2015 BMW M4

Roni is a very good guy, and his team is so amazing! Thank u guys!

Micheal M.

I had previously purchased a vehicle online and wound up with a bucket of rust. I was reluctant to purchase from a dealer 700 miles from home...and now I am THRILLED to know about Haus of Imports. These guys got me into a great car that I couldn't find locally, and were on the ball every step of the way. Shipping was my second biggest concern, only compared to the question "am I getting what I think I'm getting?" They took care of both! The car is beautiful and exactly as described. The shipping was done for less than I could find online (and I didn't get all the spam calls from the online sites). There was an opportunity for the dealer to go the extra mile AFTER I purchased the car. It was a relatively small issue in the big picture, but Roni - the President and CEO took it personally and made everything right. This extra step told me all I needed to know. I am glad I got my 'new' car from these guys, and I will be working with them next time I am in the market for a clean import!


Thank you Haus of Imports, Got my daughter her dream car. Big Thanks to Roni

Makenzie S.

I highly recommend Haus of Imports! I found a VW Tiguan online, called the dealership to get some information on the Vehicle & the Salesman, Alex, was a great help. I live in Michigan and was unable to make it to the dealership to test drive the car. While I know it is a risk to buy a car without test driving it. Alex went above and beyond to answer all my questions, and make me feel very comfortable with the purchase. I was able to work with him over the phone, he was excellent when it came to explaining the steps that needed to be taken, and the car was delivered to my home on a semi truck within 5 days of our initial conversation. The car was delivered, absolutely spotless and everything that I hoped it would be. Also, I noticed that there was a chip in the windshield after it was delivered. I called Alex and he apologized that they missed that. I got an estimate for a new windshield and they mailed me a check. Great customer service, great communication and I am so very happy with my vehicle . Thank you, Alex & Roni !


Super happy with my purchase of a Bentley GT. Thanks for the fast shipping to ATL 

Denis C.

This by far has to be the best car transaction I have ever done. I was leery about traveling to Chicago to even look at a vehicle. I figured it would be a waste of time. I couldn't have been more wrong. My 2013 BMW is hands down the BEST car I have ever owned. These guys were awesome to work with. Roni, Bekim and Mike went out of their way to make this an awesome experience! Thanks guys!!!

Louis L.

Thank you Mike for the amazing deal on the 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport! Wonderful experience buying from here!

Bobby Romeo C.

I highly recommend Haus of Imports to all my friends. The staffs are very accommodating. Very good experience. Thanks to Roni and Mike and the rest of the staffs. I will enjoy my Porsche 911 for a long long time!

Joshua G.

Great customer service, amazing selection! Very helpful and knowledgeable team. Good guys that want to get you in the right car for you not just any car to get the sale. Will be buying all my vehicles from them in the future. You want quality foreign vehicles this the place to go. Proud owner of New Mercedes C350 Coupe from them!

Griselda G.

Thank you Mike for all your help. We love the BMW 320 Really liked the service and how friendly the team is.

Ivana G.

Roni and Mike provided excellent service ! I’m in love with my new Mercedes Benz C250. Great dealership, they also have a huge inventory that’s filled with amazing luxury vehicles. I would recommend them to anyone !

Brian B.

Very grateful for the folks at Haus of Imports. It's a family business and you can tell that they really value treating people well, from the first moment you walk in until you are driving away (with or without purchasing). I was struck by their attentiveness to us, and willingness to discuss things at any point. Roni, Bob, Alex, Mike, and the others are easy to talk to, friendly, and they make time for answering questions. The whole experience was great, and the combination of their knowledge and eagerness to work with you is worth a lot when it comes to car-buying!

Marylin S.

Thank you Haus Of Imports for helping me with my transportation needs. After spending all day driving around to other dealerships I didn’t like either the price the appearance of the place or the unfriendliness of the salesman. But at Haus Of Imports they are friendly and very very helpful. I love my car and the dealership. I will be referring friends and family to them.

Yvette B.

Thank you Alex and the HOI family for the great customer service and help. It was a great pleasure doing business with you. We are very happy customers!!!

Robert N.

Really nice dealership!!! Very down to earth and ready to put you in the right vehicle!!! Very pleasant experience!!! Nice family owned operation I will be sending friends and family to!

Brandon M.

This by far has to be the best car transaction I have ever done. I was leery about traveling to Chicago to even look at a vehicle. I figured it would be a waste of time. I couldn't have been more wrong. My 2013 BMW is hands down the BEST car I have ever owned. These guys were awesome to work with. Roni, Bekim and Mike went out of their way to make this an awesome experience! Thanks guys!!!

Burim S.

Great experience with the whole team, drove the car over 300 miles and it’s wonderful. I want to thank all of them for the great customer service they provided and will see you in the future 

Patrick W.

When I came in I thought it was to good to be true from the deal to the car to the staff. They got me approved just the way I wanted I am extremely satisfied thanks HOI!!

Joseph Foy


I have just purchased my 2nd vehicle from HOI within a Week! I got my mother a beautiful surprise for her birthday. 

Thanks again Haus of Imports! 

Joseph Foy

I must say this will be the first review that I have ever written in 42 years... I had a terrific experience coming to Haus of Imports to buy my car. These guys will take away the Stereo Typical idea of the pushy, aggressive and relentless tactics we've been through or heard about. Once you come into Haus of Imports and give Roni & Bekim a chance to get you in the car that you want. You will walk away like me. 110% satisfied... I got my car and I also made a couple of friends.

Robert L.

I wanted to wait a few months before writing a review. Sometimes you buy a car and don't realize for some time what the hidden issues might be.
Well, in this case, I was sold a nearly perfect Porsche Cayenne Turbo, and I couldn't be happier. No issues whatsoever. Just pure driving pleasure. Haus of Imports sold me a fantastic car. Doing business could not have been quicker, easier or more painless. I got top dollar for my trade in, and drove away in the Porsche in no time. Highly recommended!

Sergiu D.

(Translated) I bought a Mercedes E550 here, the prices are reasonable, I am very pleased, all are friendly and help! Thank you! I will recommend this location!

Am procurat de aici un Mercedes E550, prețurile sunt rezonabile, sunt foarte mulțumit, toți sunt prietenoși și te ajuta! Multumesc! O sa recomand aceasta locatie!

Patricia C.

I am late making this post because I wanted to see how things turned out. We purchased on September 7th.

We had been searching for a car for my grand daughter for a couple of months. We saw a car at HOI and Robert got us in for a test drive. We decided to purchase the car and it took maybe two hours to get the paperwork done, it was really quick and efficient. Robert, Roni and Mary were great!

We found some issues with the car and took it back. Roni honored the warranty and addressed the issues with the car, so HOI keeps their word and is an honorable dealership. We presented the car to my granddaughter and she LOVED IT!

Will definitely buy from them again. Robert and Roni - THANK YOU!!!

Michelle D.

This was the best used car buying experience I have had. Excellent to work with and stand behind their commitments. We had an issue and they addressed it properly and without hassle. I’m definitely going back for my next car.

Justin W.

I came here looking for Audi A4 and ended up finding something way better, Audi S4 lol. This place is great and has nice variety cars not just basic stock imports. The staff is very friendly and patient I highly recommend to anyone looking to buy import cars.

Dale M.

HOI is very professional. My purchase was efficient and very swift. Roni & the crew are very intelligent and super friendly! All of the cars in the inventory are well maintained and very clean. If you’re looking for an amazing car with an unbeatable price, Haus of Imports is the place for you!



I am the Head Mechanic here at Haus of Imports. I know what kind of business the owner runs and it is A-1! This is why i did not hesitate to buy this BMW in a matter of a day. 

Saw a vehicle that just came in inventory and talked to Roni about it, he got me financed on it and in my dream car in just few hours. I am very Satisfied with my vehicle but I am more satisfied that I work here! Give them a try, you will not be disappointed ! 

Joel P.

Haus of Imports has earned every star possible from me. I am very happy the GM Roni Bajralia kept his word after the sale and at the end of the day, that's what matters. All we have is our words and these guys BACK IT UP.

I would recommend Haus of Imports 100%
Nice good quality cars.


When i first heard about the Haus of import i was still in Albania. I was amazed by the quality and prizes that they serve. After coming in the States I decided to pay a short visit and see with my eyes how this company works. I must also say that this wasn't the first company i checked in Chicago. But these was the one who caught my attention by they're honesty and experience that they have in the field of selling cars. That's when I decided to buy a car. Everything was in the best condition starting from the engine and the interior. I was really satisfied with the car it works perfectly and you will not be disappointed. Also, another good thing is that you will buy it with the best prize you could ever find in the market. Also, i had the possibility to meet two amazing people Ron and his father. They sold me the car in august with best price and after my staying here, now that I decided to leave they accepted to buy the car again. They give the best advices when it comes to buying a car. I must say from scale 1 to 10 they definitely deserve a 11. Starting from these two as good people and also for the quality of cars that they work with.
Respekte Roni & Ylber God Bless you guy's.

Kathy K. W.

I called the dealership on Friday and spoke with Mary. Very friendly. Called back on Saturday and spoke with Roni, my salesman. Today is Tuesday and I have the car. My transaction was quick, easy and smooth. The car was delivered in tip top shape and exactly as described. Roni was awesome to deal with and we will purchase again from HOI! Thank you all for everything 🚙

Fury Transportation

I didn’t buy a car here but I am a transporter that was picking up a car that my customer bought from them. As a transporter we are always racing the clock and most dealers make us wait while they handle their own business first. These guys were something else. I was in and out in less than 20 minutes. They even politely asked their customers if they can wait while they handle me first. Thank you so much for valuing my time! Their office is currently undergoing a complete renovation so it was a little hectic but it seems like renovations are almost complete. Just from looking around at their inventory I immediately noticed that these guys have the cleanest, nicest cars for sale and from the quick glances their prices were some of the best I have seen so far. No dealer comes close to the customer service these guys offer, and that’s coming from someone who deals with a lot of dealers in a lot of states. We need more dealers like these! Thanks again guys! Next time I go shopping for a car, this will be my first and only stop as I trust these guys are truly dedicated to the customer.

Viktor K.

Bought a SUPER clean BMW X6 M// from this place. They got me in and out in 20 Min.
I can’t believe they got me in and out so fast.
Great service!